Nothing can ruin a trip like an illness, an accident, or a medical emergency. But many of these situations are preventable - or at least, more manageaable - with knowledge and planning. Heathy Travel is a concise, well - organized handbook for travelers of all stripes. According to authors Michael Zimring, M.D., and Lisa Iannucci, smart travelers are those who do their "health homework" ahead of time. When you travel, do you take along a comprehensive list of medical, emergency, and contact information?  You should - and with Healthy Travel, you will.

Healthy Travel guides readers through all of the necessary preparations, from paperwork and packing to vaccinations and home security. It takes the mystery out of traveler's insurance and transportation regulations, and keeps you on top of the seemingly countless details that can accompany a trip.

The authors have drawn on their own experience and have distilled the vast amount of travil tips on the market and the internet to bring readers the information they really need, on topics including: how to research a destination; how to protect against injury, infection, deep vein thrombosis, and disease-carrying bugs; how and  where to exercise en rooute; how to respond to an in-flight (or international) emergency; how to prevent identity theft; how to deal with motion sickness, jet lag, and even hospitalization; and how to transport medications and medical equipment safely - and legally.

Healthy Travel also emphasizes busting minor and major "stress factors" for stress-free travel in addition to practical instructions on everything from utillizing travel clinics to minimizing discomfort in cars and planes, this book shows readers how to handle challenges such as lifting luggage properly, keeping the kids entertained and safe, and traveling with a disability. Each chapter also features nuggets of useful advice from other seasoned travelers. The back of the book provides a treasure trove of useful checklists to get travelers organized and on their way.

About the Authors: Michael P. Zimring, M.D., has received THE CERTIFICATE IN TRAVEL HEALTH from the International Society of Travel Medicne and is a Internist in private practice with over thirty years of experience. He is the Medical Director for Travel Medicine, LLC at the Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and also serves as a Regional Medical Advisor to Medex Assistance, a company that coordinates medical care for travelers in foreign countries,a and evacuations.

Lisa Iannucci has been a health writer for two decades, contributing to such magazines as Weight Watchers, American Health, Frequent Flyer, Parenting, and Skyguide Go, as well as to USA Weekend and the  LA Times Magazine Travel Section. She is also the author of The Unofficial Guide to Minding Your Money.