MMR booster                                       80.00

Tetanus/Diptheria                                55.00  

Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis                  65.00

Hepatitis A                                              90.00  ( x 2 optional)

Hepatitis B                             85.00  x  3

Twinrix  (Hep A&B)                               165.00  x  3

Tyhphoid vaccine (Thyphim VI)               105.00

 Polio (adult booster)  IPOL                     55.00

 Yellow Fever                                          185.00

 Rabies Vaccine                                        350.00  X  3

 Japanese Encephalitis                             325.00   x  2

 Influenza vaccination                                25.00

The prices above are for each single shot. Some are required to be given in a series and this will by discussed by the Travel Physician.

Prices are subject to change at the will of the drug company. On Jan 1, 2015 and on July 1, 2015 the drug manufactures raised their prices on certain vaccines and I had no choice but to raise some of mine.